Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

At GlenBridge our Transitional Rehabilitation services are impeccably designed to facilitate a calm and healing environment. We offer private and semi-private suites designed for comfort throughout your rehabilitation stay.

Our team of professionals guides our guests through the various stages of care to provide a seamless transition from the acute care hospital to inpatient rehabilitation to home. We promote a continuous learning environment for guests and their families to understand your rehabilitation treatment plan, procedures and goals.

Our Glen Transitional Pathway program provides you with weekly contact once you have transitioned home to assure your needs are being met whether it be home health visits, making it to physician appointments, need for pain management or preparation of meals.

Because hospital stays are getting shorter, it is more important than ever that patients recovering from surgery, illness or injury find a setting that encourages their complete recovery. Vital inpatient medical rehabilitation has shifted from hospitals to skilled nursing facilities. When you or someone you love is in need of nursing care and/or rehabilitation, we want you to resume a meaningful lifestyle as soon as possible. Glen Healthcare Network has facilities across the Chicagoland area with the capability to treat a wide range of patients transitioning from hospital to home. GlenBridge is accredited by the Joint Commission as a nursing care center and a certified post-acute care nursing center.

GlenBridge is uniquely qualified to meet the care needs of individuals with "hospital level" acuity and offer a combination of clinical and rehabilitation services to help our patients recover.