Success Stories


Maggie is 81 and doesn't like for anything to slow her down. Maggie was living with terrible pain in her right shoulder for some time; she couldn't hang up her clothes in the closet, shampoo or brush her hair, or put dishes away without using both arms. Then, after being diagnosed with bursitis in her right hip, in addition to a badly sprained ankle her children told her it was time to have surgery. Maggie was ready and willing to do whatever was necessary to get better.

"First of all, it was a little bit scary. I never had surgery or physical therapy. I had no idea what was going to happen... I wasn't quite so sure that I wasn't going to be in more pain by the time I walked out... and that wasn't the case."

Like many people, Maggie thought that physical therapy was just lying on a table and having someone do things for you. She didn't realize that you had to work at it. But she found her experience at GlenBridge was always positive. Everyone was warm, friendly and helpful. While physical therapy can be tough, she looked forward to her therapy sessions and realized that receiving therapy made her feel even better.

"Physical therapy at GlenBridge has no doubt given me back my life... so that I can do things without being in severe pain, struggling or decide not to do them." Maggie is back on the move. And now, when her grandchildren want her to bowl or play tennis on their Wii, she may not be great at it, but she's no longer afraid to try.


"My personal physician is someone I've known for 30 years. I trust him implicitly. ...He knows all of the best people in medicine in and around the Niles area. When I asked him where to go... He said go to GlenBridge because their therapy is top-notch. He knows GlenBridge very well."

After a fall, Robert shattered the top of his right femur and needed emergency surgery where they implanted a titanium pin or "nail." His surgery, however, resulted in the shortening of his right leg which limited his abilities and caused him pain in his lower back. He began physical therapy at GlenBridge as soon as he was out of the hospital.

The physical therapist gave him a very thorough evaluation and Robert began a program of physical therapy to build his strength, as well as massage therapy to help the pain in his back. "That was really an outstanding experience."

While the process did take time, Robert can reflect back to when he first started and see what an improvement he was able to make. "I do know I can increase my ability to walk further distance without pain by exercise and stretching and so I continue to do that. The therapists at GlenBridge provided me with a great education to continue my exercises at home."